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Notices: Seniors

Dear Parents

Dear Parents,

Please ensure you check the HSOBC website again. If there are any changes, we will update the website tonight on Friday if there are any changes.

Arrangements for Fours Head of the River: 10th November 2012

Calender Updated as of 13th September, please print off a copy.

Dear Parents,

Please can you add the 10th of December 2012 to your social calendars. Please see the letter for more details.

Kind Regards

Ryan Demaine

Dear Parents,

Please note that the deadline for the parental consent forms and a copy of your daughters passport is Thursday the 25th of October. We hope to book flights before half term thereby ensuring we secure cheap flights.

Please see the following:

Dear Parents,

With the recent rains we hope that things will proceed as normal for this weekend. Please keep an eye on the HSOBC website for any updates or changes.

Provisional plan stands:

Arrangements for Reading Small Boats Head 2012:

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

The first social event of the year is the Triathlon and BBQ which is to be held at Headington School on the 6th October at 1pm with the Triathlon starting at 2:30pm (Parents can participate, or support, but coaches would like to have Novices to J18s participating).

Please see the attached letter for details:

Dear J13 to J18 Parents and Rowers,

Please note that due to a sailing event at Godstow next weekend:

Sat 22nd: 7am to 11am: Rowing at Godstow.
Sun 23rd: 7am to 11pm: Rowing at Godstow.



Calender Updated as of 13th September, please print off a copy

1 :: Training: Week starting Monday 27th August ’12.