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Notices: Seniors

Dear Parents,
By popular demand, the rowing parents evening, which is traditionally held in September, will be moved to the 22nd (Nov & J13s) and 23rd (J14s to Snrs - not the U6). 

Dear Parents,

Please find the training plan for the remainder of the school term detailed below.

Please note that girls going to Dorney on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th May for HSOBC trials will be decided after an ergo assessment on Wednesday 27th May, there are sessions from 4 to 6pm at Godstow on the 28th and 29th for those girls who are not required to trial at Dorney.

Dear Parents,

Final arrangements for the National Schools Regatta:

Please find the National Schools Draw on the event website.


Dear Parents,

Since the exam period is now upon us we have again decided to make all weekday evening sessions finish at 6pm so the girls can have a little more time for revision.

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents, 

Arrangements for Wallingford Regatta - Sunday 3rd May 2015


Training Week starting Monday 20th April '15.

Mon 20th: OFF  
Tue 21st: Godstow: 4pm to 630pm. 
Wed 22nd: Gym: 4pm to 6pm 
Thur 23rd: Godstow: 4pm to 630pm.
Fri 24th:  OFF
Sat 25th:  Godstow: 8am to 12pm.
Sun 26th: Godstow: 8am to 12pm.

Dear Parents,

The bursar has advised that the School is working to recover the monies both with EasyJet and the Insurance company. This may however take time due to the number of other passengers also looking to receive a refund. We hope to update you shortly.

Many thanks for your support and patience.  

Kind Regards


Dear Parents,

All of the coaches would like to thank you for all of your support, patience and understanding over the last two weeks, it would not have been possible to run the camp over the last few days without the fantasic help and support we have recieved from the parent body.

Please see below for details of the rest of camp:

Dear Parents,

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents for the flood of support that I received over the recent flight cancellation. We have a great community and it is at time like these when this is most apparent.