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Notices: Seniors

Dear Parents,

Dear Parents,

Please note that the letter had an error about baggage allowances. 

Please note:

Hand luggage: 1 bag only. 56 x 45 x 25cm. Including handles and wheels.

Hold luggage: 1 bag only. 20kgs. 

There is a charge for each kg over. 

Kind Regards


Dear Parents,

Find below the plans for the upcoming HSOBC trials.

Please note that the availability of Dorney lake on 28th and 29th March is to be confirmed. I will update this page with the location of these days as soon as I have confirmation.

Training Week starting Monday 23rd Mar '15.

Dear Parents, 

Arrangements for the National Sculling Head, Tuesday 17th March 2015:

Dear Parents,

The crew room will open today for a limited period. This applies to the J13s / L4 to J18s / U6. 

To confirm the items which we’ll be placing on the kit board today:

Dear Parents, 

Arrangements for the Schools Head:

Dear Parents, 

Arrangements for Womens Head:

Start time is: 09:30. Crews are set off every 10 seconds so if you look at the crew race number, you can approximately work out what time the crews will be coming down the course. The best place to view the race is from the Hammersmith Bridge.

Dear Parents, 

Arrangements for Reading University Head:

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your support this weekend at both Hampton and the British Indoor Championships.

Please note that we have given this Monday and Tuesday (9th and 10th Feb) off rowing for the J14s to Seniors.

Kind Regards.

Dear Parents,

Due to some girls in the group travelling to the British Indoor Championships on Sunday 8th Feb having severe nut allergies we ask that you please do nut pack any nuts for your daughter's lunches or snacks.

Thank you very much for your understanding.