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Dear Parents,

I am afraid that the proposed HSOBC Summer Camps that were to be held late July and early August have been cancelled. There is extensive work being done to the St Edwards boathouses over these dates including the complete replacement of all the boathouse roofing.

Given the limited access and shelter that would be available to us over this period I had made the decision not to go ahead with the camps as planned.

Having spoken with St Edwards more about the work being done over the holiday I have arranged for Headington to run an extra 5 day mini camp for the current Novice and J13 squads from 1st to 5th September, the week preceeding the start of term. This will be free to all current Novice and J13 rowers.

I have updated the HSOBC calendar to reflect these changes.

Finally, the school are looking to deliver Strength and Conditioning sessions in the school gym over the Summer Holidays, we are hoping that these will be available to all age groups (this very much depends upon demand from each year group), these sessions will be offered at a small charge to pay for the specialist coaches who will deliver the sessions. The plans for this will hopefully be available soon and I will post them on the website as soon as they have been finalised or if I have more information.

Kind regards,