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Dear Parents,

Provisional plan stands:

Arrangements for Pangbourne Junior Sculls 2014:

There are 2 divisions at 10:30 and 13:30, the racing is over 2750m on the Pangbourne stretch of the river Thames: Headington have entered only division 2. Please note that all girls will need to use school transport to get to the event..

The Draw:

The Draw can be found on the Pangbourne Junior Sculls web page

The Headington entries have been posted on the Rowing noticeboard in the main school, the girls will also be told their crews by their coaches.


The bus will depart at 10am at the latest. Please meet outside the school gate on Headley Way at 9:50. Please note that the bus pick up is very close to the boarding house. YOU MUST NOT MAKE ANY NOISE outside the boarding house but rather wait outside the gate. Transport is available back from Pangbourne however, where possible, please can parents arrange transport back from the race. No girls may depart the event until the trailer is fully loaded.

Itinerary: Pangbourne Junior Sculls: Saturday the 8th November 2014

Please note that it is the girls responsibility that they follow the coaches instructions and the timings below. Please note that once you boat, you may have a short wait on the water before you race so make sure you don’t over hydrate and ensure you have had a loo stop prior to racing.

9:50: Meet at Hedley Way

10:00: Charlton bus departs from Headley Way.

11:00: Charlton bus arrives at Beale Park, Pangbourne.

11:15: Boats rigged for Div 2.

12:15: Dressed and ready for pre-race chat at the trailer. You will then warm up and boat. There will be no time for anything else. Please ensure you have read the competitior instructions and have looked at the course map.

13:00: is the earliest boating time for girls. Rowers note: you are responsible for ensuring that you have boated at the correct times. Please ensure that you have read the boating instructions and have looked at the boating lagoon map. Crews that are late will not be allowed to race. I have instructed coaches that under no circumstances are they to chase you to get boated! 

13:30: Scheduled start time of division 2
14:00: Approximate start time for first Headington crew: it could be earlier so ensure that you row straight up to the start.

Once you have completed your race, you need to report any breakages or issues immediately.

15:00: De-Rig and load trailer (all girls who race during the day must de-rig and help load the trailer). No girl may depart before the trailer is fully loaded.

Kit and Food

Please ensure that you have:

- Water bottles with electrolyte replacement fluid.

- Wellington Boots

- Food.

- A good breakfast before you depart (eg: Poridge, toast and a banana).
- Post Div 2: Make sure you have pasta for after racing, a banana / fruit, a cereal bar and food for your coaches who clearly don't practice what they preach.

- Kit: You will need a change of kit for after the race. Make sure you have enough warm kit for when you are sitting around even if it means you bring a blanket down.

Refreshemnts for parents will be available at beale park.


Beale Park
Lower Basildon,
Reading, Berkshire

Rowers: Please see the following:

1) A Course Map.

2) A Boating Map.

3) Boating Instructions

4) Instructions for Competitors.

5) Event Safety Plan.

6) Welfare Statement (see attached file)

7) Risk assessment (see attached file)