Reading Small Boats Head

Tuesday, 8 October 2013 - 8:48pm

Dear Parents and Supporters,

Thank you for your support this weekend. Having 95 girls racing is a testimony to the support the boat club has from all the parents. We as coaches are very lucky to have such talented and enthusiastic group of rowers in the boat club.

The purpose of Reading Small Boats Head was simply to dust off our race kit and get back into a racing mindset and routines. The girls should have read over the race instructions / rules and had a look over the course. The juniors were, on the whole, great. The seniors (no surprise) need a bit more work here but that will come over this term. Having raced at the event in previous years doesn't mean that the mean that the rules are the same. Technically the crews have made good progress since the start of term. Evesham was due to be the next regatta but unfortunately they updated their website saying that they had to cancel the race due to work on the bridge. So instead of Evesham, Headington will race Weybridge Silver Sculls (19th October) on the same date. J13s to Seniors will race (all bar those going to the USA).

Overall I was impressed with how confidently the rowers came down the course so early in the season. The only problem of the day was that one of the J13 boats kept going into the bank. Once we took the boat off the water, I saw that the steering had sheared during the race so this was no fault of the girls who were notably upset. I was proud at how they kept racing and made the best of a bad situation. Although we always want the girls to have a trouble free run down the course, these things unfortunately sometimes happen. We will have the boat out of action until Boyde (boat builder) can do repairs on it. In the mean time, congratulations to the girls for finishing the race.  

Results from the day can be found on Microtime.

Please remember that crews did change so your daughter may have to point out which crew she was in. Its also worth looking at these results with perspective for the whole season. Although they were undoubtedly fantastic, a number of our key opposition were not at this event. I look forward to a promising summer. Please remind your daughters that the winter training is vital in the preparation towards the summer. 

To summarise, some fantastic results:
W.IM1.4x: 1st: Mailda, Eloise, Vic and Izzy. 3rd fastest women's quad of the day.
W.IM1.4x: 2nd: Hannah, Rebecca, Helena and, Anna. 5th fastest women's quad of the day.
W.IM1.1x: 1st: Matilda.
W.IM1.1x: 2nd: Isobel.
W.Nov.4x: 1st: Matilda, Georgie, Immy and Iole.
W.Nov.1x: 3rd: Matilda, 
W.J18A.2x 1st: Rebbeca and Hannah,
W.J16A.4x 1st: Fran, Kate, Beth and Lydia. 
W.J16A.1x 1st: Eloise.
W.J16.1x: 3rd: Beth.
W.J15A.4x+ 1st: Immy R, Katie, Rosie L, Tilly, and Danielle (beating all the J15 4x+ boys!)
W.J15A.1x 2nd: Rosie.
W.J15A.1x 3rd: Katie.
W.J14A.4x+ 1st: Louise, Elizabeth, Lucy, Flora, and Kate.
W.J14A.1x 1st: Tilly.
W.J13.4x+: 1st. Emily, Honour, Freya, Leith, and Helen.

Once again, thank you for your support. It was great chatting with many of you on the river bank and I look forward to seeing you at future events. I'm afraid I won't be at Weybridge as 22 of the older girls will be in the USA. Chris will however be there together with Tom, Beth, Amy and Serena. 

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